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Question: Dr. Bruce: You recently stayed in Punxsutawney at the Plantation Bed and Breakfast and my friend Julie (the owner) told me she had a very interesting conversation with you. I was glad to hear that there are people like you who are open-minded enough to go beyond the borders of classic Christianity. After becoming frustrated with putting God in a box at church, I've been exploring on my own and finding new perceptions which have given me hope and healing for chronic health problems now that I have more tools for coping with life. With my personality, I beat myself up enough on my own, and didn't need anyone reinforcing my wretched sinfulness as they do in Christianity. I needed authentic empowerment to learn to really love myself and believe in a God who loves me -- to get away from the idea of condemnation from God and the judgments of "his" people. I can't tell you how much the books of Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukav, and other spiritual teachers have helped me. The Oprah show is my "church" now, and the writings and recordings of Abraham-Hicks "Ask and it is Given" are my new guidelines for living a more positive, confident approach to life. I'm sure there are people who need to be humbled, but there are more people like me who need to be empowered, who already feel like victims of uncontrollable forces and are suffering with their miserable existances. Now I know that it's my own thoughts that keep me down, and I'm determined to change that. That shift in perception is a real miracle. If only others could find a less frustrating path. It sounds like there's hope that they will with the encouragement of people like you. My questions to you are: are you familiar with "channeled" information such as Seth, or Abraham (Esther Hicks), or Edgar Cayce? Do you like the expanding consciousness that is occuring globally as material like "The Secret" is released? And, do you see the merit in hypnotherapy?

submitted by Dede

Answer: Dede, I appreciate your journey and the growth that is evident. God is always more than we can imagine. Accordingly, all our images of God are limited, including those reported as channeled material. Even "spirits" speak from a limited perspective. All revelation involves both a "revealer" and a "receiver." Still, there is much good to be found in texts such as "The Secret" insofar as they empower us to be actors in our own lives, rather than victims of fate. My main divergence from the Secret is its suggestion that there is a clear formula for spiritual transformation and its linear cause and effect approach to the events of our lives, which may lead to feelings of guilt ("I created this negative reality.") In contrast, I believe that every moment of our lives involves many factors, including our own intentionality and God's vision for us. Our successes result from this interplay of inspiration and environment as do our failures. This enables us to live by gratitude when we succeed and grace when we fail. Dede, I bless your path, and honor the important insights that are guiding your forward. God bless you, Bruce

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